2014 Atlantic hurricane season might be squashed by El Nio

The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season may be another quiet one.

More meteorologists are putting stock in this year TMs El Nio forecast which is expected to keep a lid on 2014 hurricane development.

WSI, Weather Services International, and the weather Channel are calling for a below average year with only 11 named storms, tropical storms force or greater, 5 of those becoming hurricanes with winds of 74mph or greater and 3 of those becoming major hurricanes with winds of 111mph or greater.

A forecast for an average year would call for 12, 6 and 3. Last year the Atlantic season yielded 14 named storms but only 2 hurricanes with no major hurricanes.

El Nio is when the pool of warm water in the Central Pacific sloshes east toward South America creating upper level winds over the portion of the Atlantic Ocean where hurricanes are born. These winds shear off the tops of the newly forming hurricanes before they can mature.

Other forecasts to watch for include Dr. William Gray's annual hurricane outlook from Colorado State University and the official 2014 Atlantic hurricane season forecast issued by the National Hurricane Center.