Big wind cuts power in upper valley

Who turned out the lights?

While we were all focused on thunderstorms developing in Cameron county a big gush of wind shot north across Hidalgo county and that may have triggered a massive power outage leaving some 3,000 customers in the dark.

The wind gusts cranked up to near 50mph around 10pm right around the time a severe thunderstorm was working its way northeast through Cameron county and more, weaker thunderstorms were forming across the border in Mexico preparing to move north. The winds are more than likely the result of what is called (outflow) from those thunderstorms. Normal outflow will follow the prevailing path of the storm, in this case north across Willacy county but stranger things have happened.

So, it might have been a gust from a developing thunderstorm or a case of strong mid-level winds mixing down toward the ground providing a little extra push at the surface.

Either way, our forecast did call for potentially strong wind gusts throughout this evening and overnight.

Be careful out there!