Clay's Clincher: A Spy In The House Of Price?

Texas-El Paso had their spring football game this past Saturday, and Miners Coach/resident funnyman Mike Price gave the assembled media this bombshell after the game:

"Kansas had a scout here. We're going to have to talk with the NCAA about that."

Of course, when the scout is not only family, but technically the closest family one can have-an identical twin- allowances will have to be made.

He then revealed the "scout" was Justin Springer, the twin brother of UTEP linebacker Jeremy Springer and a linebacker at Kansas. UTEP plays the Jayhawks on Sept. 12.

Coach Price might laugh, but you can bet it's already deadly serious between the two Los Fresnos alumni, whose competitiveness dates pre-birth.

Check out Jake Berry and me grilling Justin on what's already being called Springer Bowl 2009 in some parts.

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