Clay's Clincher: A Very Fine Juan Castillo Day, Indeed

It was a terrific celebration for a terrific human being Saturday in Port Isabel, as native son and longtime Philadelphia Eagles offensive line coach Juan Castillo was honored with Juan Castillo Day. The coach received the key to the city on one of the few days he is able to return to his childhood home.

July 4th.

And never was heard a discouraging word.

Not in person, anyway. After all, anyone actually from Port Isabel would know Coach Castillo's story, how his mother worked and sacrificed to give her son a college education. How Juan worked just as hard after graduating from Texas A&I, sleeping in his car while gathering the knowledge that makes him one of the best at what he does in the NFL.

How Juan Castillo embodies the American Dream.

The folks from Port Isabel know, and always knew, that honoring Castillo on Independence Day made perfect sense. Castillo knew it, too. Knew his achievements symbolize the possibilities available for any of PI's sons and daughters.

"It's not really about me you know, it's about Port Isabel," said Castillo on Saturday. "It's about what the people do here for each other. About the heart, the soul, the courage of these people, and how hard they work. They know exactly what i'm talking about."

The excitable folks that sent the pictures of the banner to the media, up in arms?

The idiots who sent the racist e-mails and comments on the story?

The one, (yes, one) person who spoke against Juan Castillo Day at the City Commission meeting?

They don't know.

Then again, they didn't show up on Saturday, either.

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