Clay's Clincher: Blog Manifesto

Manifesto 2.0

Who: Clay Williams, Sports Director-KGBT Action 4 News

What: A blog about Rio Grande Valley sports plus anything else on my fevered mind.

Why: Why not? I TMve got plenty of opinions, and it seems like people on the net can TMt get enough of those.

Where: Right here,hopefully once a day at least.

1st off, a little about where I TMm coming from. Grew up on a farm in the Panhandle of Oklahoma, just 5 miles north of the Texas border. Played HS & colllege football, but didn TMt truly geek out and become a sports nut until going to college in Boston, original home of sports nuts in America.

I got into sports broadcasting just over thirteen years ago, right after the Cowboys dynasty officially ended. Since then, I TMve covered NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, PGA, SMERSH, SPECTRE, UNCLE, KAOS, and all of the rest, but I TMve always found that nothing galvanizes a community like a really big sports story on a really small local level.

That TMs especially true here in El Valle, where entire towns fill football stadiums on Friday nights in the fall, caravans consisting of hundreds of cars travel hundreds of miles to support their teams, and.. well you probably know the deal if you TMre reading this, don TMt you?

Anyway, I TMve been here SIX years now, so I kind of get the RGV, unlike a lot of folks who move here and can TMt understand a lick of it. More importantly, I actually LOVE covering local sports, LOVE supporting local teams, LOVE getting out there and meeting coaches, players, parents, fans. I LOVE WHAT I DO. From everything I TMve seen, heard and experienced, that TMs the secret right there. Not everybody gets it.

So, here TMs the deal: visit this space once a day, and hopefully, along with dime-store philosophy like the above, you TMll get thought-provoking, interesting, sometimes maddening, never boring takes on both local and national sports, stuff both you and I care about.

That TMs the plan, anyway.


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