Clay's Clincher: Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

Yes, once again, the UTPA athletic department is more than happy to provide grist for my mill.

It's not all bad, ESPN's college basketball insider has given the Broncs' new men's hoops coach Ryan Marks his seal of approval.

And it could be worse, UTPA could be in the same boat as the folks up US-83 at A&M International.

But then there's the fact that Pan-Am's phantom(and costly) NCAA rules violations "investigation" has cost former coach Tom Schuberth the only thing for which he spent decades working: a Division I job. Nothing like a never-ending cloud over your head (put there by your previous employer) to make you radioactive. Do I expect legal action down the line? You betcha.

The coup de grace? Broncs athletics makes a big show of unveiling seven candidates for the vacant women's hoops head coaching position, and one of the seven shows exactly how bush league the whole search really is.

The women's head coach at A&M-Corpus Christi applied for the Pan-American job, then heard nothing, nada, zip, bupkis, zilch.

Until he read it in the paper weeks later that he was allegedly a "candidate".

That's some search committee they have over at UTPA, huh?

UPDATE: Nope, still haven't heard a thing. By the way, he's not interested anymore, so don't bother.

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