Clay's Clincher-Edinburg's Garza Wins Mexican Soccer Title To Finish Superb 2010

While Roberto Garza played for the NFC Championship with the Chicago Bears, and Jaime Garcia had a terrific rookie year for the St. Louis Cardinals, the Valley native who may have had the best past year in professional sports made his name south of the border.

Edinburg Economedes alum Victor Garza finished 2010 by winning the Second Division championship in the Mexican League. And as detailed by, the trophy in December only makes sense when you look at the preceding months.

He was selected by the Mexican U-20 National Team in March and later answered a call up by the U.S. National Team in July.

In August, Garza traveled with Cachorros de Tigres UANL to Europe, where he helped his club win two international tournament titles and collected three MVP awards for his efforts.

"I TMm very proud to be from the Valley and to hold Edinburg TMs name up high," said Garza.

It looks like it will only be a matter of time before we see the former Jaguar playing for the Stars & Stripes on the US National Team in international competition.

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