Clay's Clincher-'La Panterita' Gains Draw In Fight Of His Life

Omar "La Panterita" Figueroa, the unbeaten Weslaco lightweight, stayed unbeaten, but just barely, Friday night in Hidalgo. From the accounts of the eight-round draw, it might've been the best bout in these parts for quite some time, at least since Marquez-Vazquez II over 3 years ago.

Now the question: what will Figueroa, the golden boy of Golden Boy promotions get out of this? Omar didn't get the belt he wanted, but this experience, combined with the training he's getting from Jesse James Leija in San Antonio, could combine to make him an even more lethal fighter as he heads up the rankings.

At the very least, the pay-per-view hounds who are always on the lookout for the next great draw might have found him tonight in Hidalgo.

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