Clay's Clincher-New Valley Arena Team Already On 2nd Coach

The new local Arena Football team, the Rio Grande Valley Magic, are not exactly hitting the ground running. First, there was underwhelming response, including yours truly, to the name, as "Magic" doesn't exactly instill fear into the hearts of opponents. Unless of course, you were scarred as a child from watching Doug Henning TV specials.

Next, a scheduled press conference early last month to introduce new players was scrapped. Except no one bothered to tell the media, or one of the players, Ryan Richardson, who showed up and wondered where everybody was.

Now the Magic, owned by Corpus Christi Hammerheads owner Chad Dittman, has a scheduled press conference tomorrow to announce their new head coach.

Wait a minute.

Don't the Magic already have a head coach, former New Orleans Saints quarterback John Fourcade?

Yes. I knew I read that somewhere.

Well, according to Tuesday's press release, the Magic are announcing a NEW new head coach tomorrow because:

Coach John Forcade is pursuing other business opportunities closer to his home of New Orleans Louisiana. The RGV Magic wishes Coach Forcade the best and appreciates the hard work he has contributed to the organization.

Not enough to spell his name right, apparently.

The Magic are also announcing new players, which means, I assume, the belated acknowledgement that former Economedes star Richardson, along with former Porter QB Billy Garza are on board.

It all makes you wonder if Fourcade took a look around, looked at the organization, and thought the grass would be greener as a Saints analyst in New Orleans.

The Rio Grande Valley Magic are not off to an auspicious start. Let's see if they start turning things around with a "new" new coach tomorrow.

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