Clay's Clincher: Not So Fast, My DFW Friend

In today's Dallas Morning News, Matt Wixon makes the case that the Metroplex is the center of the Texas Soccer Universe, and while I readily concede his point when it comes to the girls programs, I take issue with his generalization extending to the boys teams.

Seems to me that yesterday's state championship games ended with the Valley & DFW tied at one apiece.

Wixon says "Dallas teams showed again that they can play with anybody. And beat almost all of them."

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"Almost all" is the key phrase here.

I notice that while Dallas area team Mesquite Poteet could "play with anybody," they didn't beat all of them.

I notice that the word "Hidalgo" appears nowhere in Mr. Wixon's article.

I notice that 3 boys' soccer championships in the past 6 years have gone to schools in the Rio Grande Valley.

I notice the DFW has produced 4.

If we extend the geography to it's utmost, and give Wichita Falls to the Metroplex (a stretch) then we get our spiritual brethren along the Rio Grande in El Paso.

(Also a stretch, but not as ludicrous as it sounds. Despite 832 miles between EP & Brownsville, the two regions, along with Laredo in between, are the only ones in Texas that play the true "el jogo bonito".)

Add that up, and it's a tie. Both regions with 5 state champions in the past 6 years.

So....The 'Plex is not quite as dominant as Mr. Wixon might have you think.

I'll put 32-5A boys soccer up against 8-5A boys soccer any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Wixon asks "So is the ball just bouncing our way, or are Dallas teams pulling away from the rest of the state? "

The answers: Yes and No.

By the way, the Brownsville Lopez team that fell to Plano Saturday had 1 (one) senior starter.

That senior didn't even play Friday in a shootout against Klein Oak.

My area of expertise is the future, and it looks just as bright down here.

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