Clay's Clincher: Romo Takes Charge

I'll have a lot of Tony Romo's 1st interview of camp coming up Thursday night on Action 4 News at 6 and at 10, but I had to throw in this story:

Romo's interview was given on the back of a golf cart on the Alamodome floor, with approximately 30 cameras and 30 more reporters surrounding it.

As Romo approached the cart, weaving through the media throng, and prepared to sit down on the back bench, someone (I couldn't see if it was media or Cowboys PR) UPDATE: (It was Cowboys PR director Rich Dalrymple) started saying "Hey, Tony, could you stand up, please, it'll make things easier for everyone. Please, Tony, could you stand?"

Tony gave a sideways withering glance to the person delivering the plea, and said, in a calm, polite way, but also in a tone that left no doubt he meant business, "I just finished 2 hours of practice, I'm sitting down."

Can't say as I blame him.

And to think there are fans and NFL analysts worried about this man's leadership skills.

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