Clay's Clincher: Why, UIL, Why?

The UIL was to be congratulated. They stopped HS athletic competitions for two weeks when a swine flu epidemic was threatening, then worked through the logistical nightmare of scheduling that came with that decision.

Let's emphasize that last part: THEY DID IT. They set up a schedule that everyone could live with. Every team would be on an even playing field, and if the state championships in baseball, softball, and track & field ended a few weeks late, so be it, all for the greater good.

But the UIL couldn't leave well enough alone. When the CDC and the state of Texas said "Back to school", the UIL seriously overreacted, saying, "OK, us too."

The UIL basically junked all of the hard work they had done to make the scheduling feasible and started over. Only this time with one day's notice. ONE DAY'S NOTICE.

And this time causing Athletic Directors around the state serious headaches.

"Hey, remember when we gave you plenty of time to set up your softball playoffs? Well, let's try something else. Let's give you one day to completely revamp and redo your 1st round of the playoffs, and in some cases, make the teams flip for home & neutral site, one-or-three game series all over again. Oh, and lets see if you can line up venues on one day's notice, as well."

Why? Why change it if it was going to work?

No, I'm serious now. Can anyone give me a reason why the UIL would do this? Why would they force a THIRD round of playoff scheduling?

I'm waiting with bated breath for an answer.

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