Don is headed to Kingsville

Tropical storm Don is moving up and off the coast of Deep South Texas with winds near 50mph, heavy rain and lots of lightning.

The storm looks more like a big blob of rain and thunderstorms than a Tropical Storm. The center of cirrculation is now 110 miles Northeast of Brownsville and 95 miles Southeast of Corpus Christi. The center can really only be defined as the area of lowest pressure, there is no discernible eye or eye wall nor is there the classic, giant, pinwheel cloud signature. It simply is a mass of rain, wind and storms.

The biggest severe weather concerns will be lightning and localized flooding; 50mph winds will pose a hazard to non permanent structures, signs and tree limbs. The worst of this storm is expected to push north of the RGV.

Don is expected to make landfall near Kingsville tonight between 8 and 10 pm with rain and thunderstorms possible into early Saturday morning.