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      NATURE REPORT:Amazing Antlers

      A breathtaking buck strides thru the oak mottes and mesquite thickets of deep South Texas, revealing glimpses of his gleaming antlers.

      Finally, from behind a screen of tall sunflowers the buck slowly emerges, dappled sunlight glinting off his polished antlers.

      Out in the open, the full sweep of his imposing antlers is bathed in the early morning light. He sniffs the air cautiously|standing regally for a moment before continuing on.

      Since the dawn of man, antlers and the creatures that possess them have captivated hunters. Prehistoric cave paintings depict antlered animals, often with hunters in pursuit, and the ancient gods of the Greeks and Romans were adorned with antlers or horns. In Asia, powdered antlers are touted as a boon to health and virility.

      The quest for antlers in Texas is big business. Texas has the largest deer herd in the nation, and each year the state's four million plus deer are pursued by more than 600,000 Texans who help generate an economic impact in excess of $2.2 billion dollars.