Paranormal in the Rio Grande Valley

Have you ever walked into a room and felt shivers up and down your spine, or the hairs on your arms all of a sudden stand up?

Some people say that's a sign that you're having an experience with the paranormal.

On Friday morning, the RGV Paranormal Investigators were in the Action 4 studio to explain the phenomenon in more detail.

If you'd like to join them on a tour, they have a few dates for you to attend:

10/21: Cameron County Courthouse

10/27: Ft. Brown

10/28: City Cemetery

10/30: Ft. Brown

There is a $10 fee for those who do want to attend one of these tours. You can contact Thomas Hotcavec at (956) 551-4491 or Bonnie at (956) 203-1099 to book your tour.