Searing heat and the odd shower for the RGV

When you live in the valley you come to expect hot summers so this forecast may not be shocking but nonetheless it is still very hot even by valley standards. What makes it extraordinary is the number of days forecast to be well over 100 while even the lower valley will see temperatures near 100 each day through early next week.

High pressure over our region is partly to blame as it provides sinking air and sunshine. Throw in a little humidity and the heat index, what it feels like, will be nearer 108 to 110 each day.

There will be a whisper of a chance for isolated sea breeze showers each day with a slightly better shot Friday, Saturday and Sunday but overall there is no serious risk for widespread rain in the near term.

The long range forecast through October puts the valley above average for temperatures and below average for rainfall and little help is expected from the tropics since el Nio is going strong.