Strong storms set to strike RGV tonight

The threat of strong thunderstorms, heavy rain and possible severe weather is still with us as a major storm system moves east across the state.

The area of low pressure, or hub of the system, will slide east-northeast from Laredo to Texarkana kicking up widespread showers and thunderstorms over a huge batch of real estate including the Rio Grande Valley. In fact, the valley lies in an area where several ingredients in the making of severe weather will come together. Plenty of warm, moist, unstable air is pouring in from the Gulf while a branch of the jet stream (river of air) is setting up over our heads to create extra lift. Lifting air is crucial in forming thunderstorms.

Lastly, the surface front or the cooler air wrapping around the big storm, will sweep through overnight giving one final push for storms and possibly the best chance for severe weather between 9p and 3a Wednesday morning. Elements of severe weather in this forecast include wind gusts near 65mph, heavy downpours, frequent lightning, small hail and localized street flooding.

The threat of severe weather will dissipate by dawn but the proximity of the storm system will be enough to leave the valley with a chance for pockets of rain and moderate thunderstorms through much of Wednesday.