Tropical low now tropical depression

The tropical low in the Bay of Campeche is now Tropical Depression 10.

The National Hurricane Center flew its hurricane hunter into the area Thursday afternoon where the crew found a center of circulation 500 miles S/SE of Brownsville, Texas.

The depression is moving to the west at 7mph but is expected to have erratic movement toward the northwest through the next 48hrs.

T.D. 10 is forecast to become a tropical storm sometime Friday and should be named Ingrid.

Right now the northern most portion of the forecast fan just clips the Rio Grande Valley but the storm is forecast to make landfall much further south nearer Tampico, MX sometime Monday early next week.

The greatest threat to the valley this weekend will be the potential for coastal flooding along South Padre Island with increased surf height and heavy rain throughout the valley, near 3 to 5 inches.