Tropical Storm Helene in the neighborhood

The old remnant of Tropical Depression 7 never quite died, in fact it was expected to move north along the coast of Mexico and provide the valley with much needed rain.

The National Hurricane Center analyzed the situation and sent the hurricane hunter aircraft down to the Bay of Campeche this afternoon. The crew of the plane came back with more than just a stronger TD 7, it found the latest tropical storm.

Now TS Helene is 337 miles SSE of Brownsville moving NW at 6mph with a forecast landfall Midday Saturday well south of the valley near Tampico, MX.

This could be a win-win-win for the valley; any damaging winds will stay well to the south, the rain bands wrapping around the storm should increase our chance for rain starting Sunday, and when this storm dies down to a tropical low the forecast track puts it near or over the water shed of our reservoir system.