VALLEY BIZ BLOG - Aeromexico increases flights in Brownsville

It's started with two flights per week but all that's changing after Semana Santa, or Holy Week.

AeroMexico is increasing its flights between Brownsville and Monterrey due to six flights per week during Semana Santa.

Large numbers of tourists from Monterrey and other Mexican cities flood the Rio Grande Valley during the week of Easter each year.

AeroMexico currently has three flights per week between the two cities but is increasing the flights to meet demand.

Mexico has seen a dramatic increase in air travel over the past two years due to carjackings, robberies and drug cartel violence on Mexican highways.

AeroMexico announced on Friday that there will be four flights between Brownsville and Monterrey after Semana Santa.

Officials from the Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport and AeroMexico said they are pleased with business and hope to increase flights in the near future.

Tickets and schedules for AeroMexico flights at the Brownsville airport can be found at