VALLEY TECH TALK - Google's New Personal Assistant for Email

Google is about to start rolling out a new feature in Gmail called Priority Inbox.

The feature is supposed to help control Bacn.

If you're wondering what Bacn is, it's better email than spam; but you aren't exactly chomping at the bit to view it.

Bacn includes newsletters, account updates, facebook notifications, and such. Useful; but not important.

The Priority Inbox aims to sift out real email that you want to read from the mess of messages that come in. In a way, it's like hiring a personal assistant to sort your mail.

According to Google, they already had the technology in place to filter emails into the Spam folder. They just tweaked it a bit to know the difference between real email and bacn.

The new service will use your email reading patterns to figure out which emails you prefer.

What is even more useful is that you can tweak the service to give certain emails more importance than others if it guesses wrong.

This is another improvement that makes people speculate that Google is working to create their own social network to be called Google Me.

The Priority Inbox, like Buzz and Google Voice through Gmail, gives Gmail users yet another reason to stay logged in like people do with Facebook.

The speculation is that Gmail will be the core of whatever social media network Google cooks up.

Of course, Googlers are tight-lipped about the details.

Another piece of news to come out of the Googleplex is that they are going to be using parts of their soon to be discontinued service, Google Wave, in their other products.

Of course, they are also buying up companies that have useful intellectual property they can adapt to finish Skynet... I mean Google Me.