Water Crisis Worsening

The plug is being pulled on some farmer's, growers and ranchers in the Rio Grande Valley as water resources dry up.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality(TCEQ) announced Cameron County Irrigation District #2 will stop taking orders for any additional irrigation water by Friday. Also, Hidalgo County irrigation districts #9 and Delta Lake will stop taking new orders within 30 days if the water crisis does not abate.

The long range weather forecast is dry.

State Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples and TCEQ Commissioner Carlos Rubinstein are urging the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) to pressure Mexico to repay at least a portion of its water debt. Mexico is obligated, by treaty, to allow 350,000 acre feet or about 115 billion gallons a year to run from the watershed in northern Mexico into the Rio Grande to replenish Falcon and Amistad reservoirs. To date Mexico is behind roughly 140 billion gallons in repayments to the U.S.