Best and Worst Things to Buy in December

Every month there are shopping deals - and duds - out at the stores. And every month we turn to partner site Deal News, for the best -- and worst -- buys. First on the December bargain list? Toys.

"Many of this year's top toys hit their lowest price points of the season, specifically in the middle two weeks of the month," said Marc LoCastro, from "Don't wait until the couple of days before Christmas. Retailers can kind of sniff out you last-minute shoppers and know you're kind of desperate and prices really do reflect that."

Another buy: gift cards offering freebies with a purchase. For example: buy a 50 dollar gift card and get a ten dollar gift card free.

Final good buy: tools.

"Tools and hardware deals are fantastic in December, actually throughout the whole winter time frame," LoCastro said.

Those are some of your best December deals. But what about duds? What should you be avoiding in December?

LoCastro said, "Jewelry is a big no-no in December. Big jewelry has you cornered and there are not a lot of deals and discounts on jewelry."

Also wait to buy Christmas decorations until December 26th and if you skipped electronics deals on Black Friday, wait until after the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Old models will start to take price cuts then.

Bottom line... Like every other month, there are things you should avoid in December, but there are also things you should buy. Deal News has supplied us with a list of each. Just go to and search for "December Buys."