Holiday Tipping Guide

Deciding who to shop for during the holiday season is enough of a challenge. But what about deciding who in your life should get a holiday tip?

Who you tip and how much boils down to three things: how often you receive the service, how much you can afford and etiquette. So let's start with etiquette.

It IS considered proper to tip people who give you services, such as hair dressers, garbage collectors and personal trainers. It's NOT considered in good taste to offer cash to a teacher, and some workers aren't allowed to take cash, such as postal workers.

But you can give a postal a worker a small gift or food item worth 20 bucks or less and you can give a teacher a gift card. Be sure you include a nice note from you and your kid.

Next, think about people who provide regular services. Here's a list if people and suggested tips from the Emily Post Institute:

A babysitter or nanny should receive one week's pay, and a gift from your child. Your hairdresser would get the amount of one service. A daycare provider: $25-70, lawn care person: $20-50 and trash or recycling collectors: $10-$30 each.

Finally, the longer your relationship with that service provider, the nicer your gift could be, but never overextend yourself to give a tip.

Bottom line... Tipping is a way to thank the people who take care of you all year round. But you know, you should never feel bad if you can't afford a tip. You should feel bad, though, if you don't at least say "Thank you" or maybe make a nice note. Want more tips on tipping? They're waiting for you right here at Just do a search for "Holiday Tipping 2013."