MONEY TALKS - Can a Bus Beat a Plane?

Fees, hassle, delays - do you find yourself hating the whole thought of flying?

Well, in some places it's back to the future - because some travelers are opting for a brand new breed of bus.

"I didn't want to drive, I didn't want to on, put my own luggage on, it's fabulous!," said traveler Donna Cheney.

And these aren't just any buses - there's more room - free movies - even free wireless internet access.

The opposite of all the things you hate about planes. Then there's the price.

"They can save 40% with fuel and tolls. Airline travel, 45% off their super saver rate, and 82% off of a last minute rate," said Cheney.

Several companies are now offering upgraded bus service, from Greyhound to new entrants like Boltbus or this company that just rolled into the scene, RedCoach.

Of course, planes will always be the fastest way to get from A to B.

But there are people willing to sacrifice speed for comfort, convenience and cost.

"I did not know that the seats are fabulous, foot-rests, you can use plugins for your computer,'s great."

Interested in the new breed of first-class bus?

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