MONEY TALKS - Websites, smartphone apps for speedtraps

There's a reason for speeding tickets.

Speeding is dangerous to you and to other people too.

But some say there's another reason for speeding tickets: They bring in a lot of money to cash-strapped cities, counties and states.

There is some evidence to support that.

A study, published last year in Journal of Law and Economics, concludes, "Our results suggest that tickets are used as a revenue generation tool rather than solely a means to increase public safety."

But whether you're interested more in public safety or avoiding a fine, there are now ways for you to determine where to be especially careful.

The National Motorists Association created a self-reported nationwide database of 60,000 speed traps named

You can look up any state, then city - and supposedly see where the cops are lying in wait. And if you have an iPhone, yes - there's an app for that.

It's called Trapster, and it uses your GPS feature, then beeps when you're approaching a speed trap, red-light cameras - checkpoints - even accidents.

Now you may think this technology is bad because it helps people break the law.

But remember, it also makes people slow down.

So if public safety is the issue, apps like this might save lives as well as money.

Want to learn more about the theory that tickets are tied to municipal revenue, or where to find speed traps?

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