Money Talks : Free Internet and WiFi

Money Talks Free Internet and WiFi

I don't consider $50 a month being a good deal for Internet service.

If you've got a smart phone or pay big bucks for home Internet service, you know the feeling: it costs too much. But there are new solutions...

It's called Freedom pop. They send you a little wireless access point like this. You stick it in your pocket, pull it out and you've got wireless Internet anywhere. You can hook up to 10 devices to it... your phone, your iPad, and as long as you use less than 500 MB a month, it doesn't cost a dime.

Here's how it works - you put up a $99 deposit for the Photon, then you use up to 500 MB a month free. If you return it within the year, get your money back. If you don't return it, you own it, but you still get your 500 MB monthly free.

How much is 500 MB? It's enough to check your email, maybe surf the web. Not enough to download and watch a bunch of movies. If you go over, you're going to get charged - the next tier is 2 gigs for $18 a month. Still cheaper, though than some cell plans.

You can also earn extra data free by bringing in friends, doing surveys, stuff like that.

There are disadvantages: chief among them, this is wireless Internet, like a cell phone. Which means coverage isn't consistent. In fact, it may not work at all in some parts of the country.

The Internet is critical to life in America, and it's about time it got cheaper. Freedom Pop's not the only thing you can do. Want to see how to get the cheapest Internet? Go to Money Talks and do a search for "Cheap Internet." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

As Stacy said, he's got more information and links at his website. To get there, just go to ours and look for the Money Talks link.

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