Money Talks : Shopping Smarter at the Grocery Store

Tricks of the trade

One of the biggest expenses in any budget is food. And grocery shopping is also a place where it's easy to overspend.Studies have shown 9 out of 10 grocery shoppers will do impulse buys at the grocery store - and that should come as no surprise. These guys know all of the tantalizing tricks of the trade to get you to part with a little more cash.First trick? Store layout. Gathering staples like milk, eggs and bread often means a long trip through the store - that's no accident. Using a list can help you avoid those impulse buys along the way.Then there's getting you to buy more with deals like 10 for $10. You might not have to buy that quantity to get that price: you should ask.Trick three? Seductive smells... roast chicken, fresh bread... they can all make your mouth water and your wallet lighter. Don't shop hungry.Even the size of your cart has been carefully considered. Obviously, you make a bigger cart, people are going to buy more groceries.If you owned the store, where would you put your most profitable stuff? On end caps and at eye level. Stoop and bend for better deals.Every business uses tricks of the trade. There's nothing wrong with that. But why don't you understand them too, that way you don't get bagged.Want more information? It's waiting for you right here at and do a search for "tricks of the trade." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.
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