Money Talks : Spring Break Savings

how about a hostel

Sun... Surf... Sand... Students all over the country are about to embark on Spring Break.

No matter what the destination, it's the students who plan ahead and stay flexible... they're the ones who are going to have a great break, without breaking the bank.

"Just hang out at the beach. It's free entertainment, free enjoyment."

Tip 1? Airfare can be a huge expense... get a group together and carpool. Road trips can be super fun and a great way to split cost.

Tip 2: Pack carefully. Bring your own sunscreen, toiletries, snacks, drinks. You'll save a ton by avoiding convenience stores and gift shops.

Tip 3? Talk to the locals. Ask where the best happy hour buffets are. If you're eating out, get restaurant coupons and gift certificates in advance from sites like

Better yet, tip 4: Make your meals. Rent a room with a kitchen. You can find them to fit even a tight budget.

Can't afford a beachfront hotel, well here's an idea, how about a hostel? This one has several dormitory rooms. One for women, one for men, and you can get a bunk for just 30 bucks a night. Be prepared to follow the rules though. They don't allow loud partying here and definitely no fraternizing.

And a final tip: Don't give your smartphone a break: Group discount sites like Living Social and Groupon offer deals on everything from trips to food. And there are apps-a-plenty for discounts, language translation, weather and more.

then website These tips don't just apply to students. All of them, even the hostel idea apply to breakers of all ages.Want more ideas to save on your Spring break vacation? Go to and search for "Spring Break."

If you want more tips to save on Spring break travel, Stacy's got plenty. Just go to our website and click on the Money Talks News link.

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