Money Talks: 2013 Inflation Forecast

There's one thing you can count on that's going to affect your wallet every year... rising prices. Also known as inflation.

So, how much do you think it's going to cost you to fill up the family car this year? What about health insurance or the cost of college? These things can really be serious budget busters.

According to a survey of economists by the Wall Street Journal, core inflation in 2013 should remain low - about 2 percent. But core inflation ignores food and energy - you can't.

The USDA is looking for 3 to 4% higher food prices this year. That's double the inflation rate.

As for energy, according to the Energy Information Administration, gas should average about $3.44 a gallon in 2013, virtually unchanged from last year's average of $3.45. Natural gas should cost about 2.5% more this year than last, and heating oil will cost 2% more. Electricity... it's only going to be up about 1%.

What about college? According to the College Board, the cost of 4-year public universities is expected to rise about 4.8 percent for in-state students for the 2012-13 school year: that's more than double the inflation rate.

And last but definitely not least: health insurance. According to Price Waterhouse Coopers, the cost of health insurance is expected to rise 7.5% this year. That's nearly 4 times the inflation rate.

Bottom line? When it comes to inflation, the experts are predicting it's going to remain low for 2013. But you might not notice it when you're buying food, gas, or college. For more information, just go to and do a search for "Inflation 2013."

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