Money Talks: 3 Reasons You Might Not Get a Mortgage

With housing prices still depressed in many parts of the country, now's a great time to move on to a new house.

But tougher lending standards make mortgage money much tougher to get than it used to be.

According to the mortgage bankers association, lenders are only approving a little more than half of applications.

While money in the bank and a great credit score will certainly help, those alone are not enough.

Here are three things that could result in rejection.

First, undocumented income. Your tax returns will have to provide proof that your income is not just adequate, it's consistent.

And that you've been working the same job for at least two years.

Next, wrong property. There are some properties lenders simply won't provide a mortgage for.

Example? A new from the FHA says that if 30% of the owners in a condo project are delinquent on their Association dues, they won't guarantee a mortgage there.

That's information you may not even know when you're house-shopping.

Finally, a low appraisal. As of last May, new, stricter rules for appraisers went into effect. Result? Appraisals aren't as liberal as in the bubble days.

Bottom line? Borrowing's definitely tough these days. But if you're searching for a bargain, it still might be time to move.

Those were just a few potential mortgage issues. I'm Stacy Johnson.