Money Talks: 3 Tips for successful complaining

So when you're dealing with these people, how do you get what you want? Easy. You use the proper tools for successful complaining.

First, before you pick up the phone, decide exactly what you want. A lower cable bill? A lower interest rate on your credit card? Decide exactly what your goal is.

Next, call early in the day. Most people are friendlier and better at solving problems before the day wears them down.

3 And don't call mad. A polite, professional approach will definitely help your case. Honey, not vinegar will normally be the most effective.

4 So be professional, but not a pushover. If there's a problem, document who you talked to, what they said, when they said it: write it down.

5 And be persistent. According to some customer service experts, some companies literally plan to wear you out.

"There's a science in the...that the actuaries figure out. If we apply this level of resistance to get resolution, there's gonna be a certain percentage of these people that will get frustrated and stop complaining and just go away."

So if you don't get the resolution your want, don't get mad. Just ask for a supervisor and start over.

I've actually negotiated a lower rate on my cable bill on camera. I've also done a story on exactly how to get a lower rate on your credit card.