Money Talks: 4 Free Steps to Eliminate Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are definitely a pest, but they can also be dangerous spreaders of disease. So it pays to get rid of them.

But before you buy expensive contraptions or slather yourself with costly and caustic chemicals, try a few simple, free fixes.

Step One: Look around your yard and get rid of standing water, garbage or non-natural fragrances like scented candles. Don't even leave your pet's water dish full.

Step Two: Make yourself unappetizing by avoiding lotions, perfumes, hair products or anything at all with flowery or sweet scents.

Step Three: Eat more garlic. Turns out that both vampires and mosquitoes hate both the taste and smell of garlic. Eat it and you'll be less appetizing.

Hate garlic? Then don't eat it. Create a barrier by sprinkling it on the ground around your porch.

Step Four: Place ceiling fans in outdoor rooms or use electric fans around outdoor areas like porches and patios. You'll feel better with a little breeze, but mosquitoes hate wind.

Bottom line? Eliminating mosquitoes doesn't have to take a bite out of the budget. You can swat the expense and still have a safe and comfortable back yard. There are also plants that mosquitoes hate. I can hook you up at