Money Talks: 5 Reports Tracking You

You already know credit bureaus are watching you - and hopefully you're seeing what they're saying by getting a free copy of your credit history every year.

But, your credit report is really just the tip of the iceberg. Here are five other reports keeping an eye on various other parts of your life.

For example, you've got Medical Reports. They keep track of conditions you have and prescriptions you fill. You might have a Residential or Tenant report- whether you've paid your rent on time or skipped out on a lease, A Check Writing History Report- whether you've bounced checks and how you have closed accounts, Insurance Claims reports are used by companies to see when and why you made a home or auto claim and then there's Employment Data reports - detailing salary, job title and basic information that might not show up in other types of reports.

As with credit reports, you can get one free specialty report a year, and if you've been denied a checking account, job, insurance policy or something else you've applied for, you can also get a copy of the report that caused the denial.

Now there's no one central depository where you can get all these reports, and in fact, you can't even just go online like you can with your credit report and instantly see a copy of it. With these things, you have to send in a form and then get something back in the mail up to 15 days later. Still, it's nice to know who's keeping tabs on you and what they're saying.

Bottom line? These reports matter, and you should stay on top of them, especially if you're doing something like applying for an important job or getting insurance. We'll show you how to get the reports. Just go to and search for "Reports."

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