Money Talks: 5 Worst Gifts for Women

Every woman's gotten them - the gift that, well, isn't quite right.

Listen guys - take it from someone who's been around the block more than once. If you're going to be shopping for your sweetheart, iron it out first. Because there are definitely gifts you want to avoid.

Number one? Simple. Any appliance she didn't specifically ask you to buy.

Dumb idea number 2? Clothes. And yes, that includes lingerie. Unless you know she specifically wants it, this is a mine field. Better idea? Make a nice card that says you'll go with her on a shopping spree.

Here's a classic dumb idea... A framed picture or yourself. What might make sense is a picture of the two of you. Don't just give a picture of yourself. You're going to look like a megalomaniac.

If you've been around women for more than 20 minutes, this one should go without saying: don't even think of giving anything that has to do with losing weight, like a gym membership or diet book. Or, for that matter, anything whatsoever that has to do with improving oneself. I hope the reason for that is obvious.

And dumb idea number five? Anything that can't be easily exchanged. If it can't go back because it's a closeout, the store is far away or for any other reason, it's just too risky.

If you want more ideas of what not to give, go to, search for "gift contest" and you could win a Money Talks T-shirt. But if you do, please: don't give it your girl for Christmas.

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