Money Talks: Are you a Shopaholic?

Shopping... everyone does it, but researchers estimate 6 percent of Americans are shopping addicts.

And with 24-hour access on TV and the Internet, it's easy to get a fix.

Psychologists would say a person who shops too much has a Compulsive Buying Disorder.

Now you and I would just say they're a shopaholic.

But whatever the case, there are ways to stop all that shopping.

First, find a new activity to replace shopping.

Next, examine your feelings.

If you're shopping to feel better, that's bad. And finally, make it tough.

When you need to go to the store, carry only enough cash to buy what you went in for.

And leave that plastic at home.

It can be hard to know whether you have a problem, but if you work on why you're always shopping and how you can change, you're probably going to feel a lot better.

If your own efforts aren't working, consult a professional, or organization such as debtors anonymous.

They can help you kick a shopping habit.

For more information, go to and search for "shopaholic."

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