Money Talks: Avoiding Flight Delays

You know the drill.

You race to the airport, check-in, pay your baggage fees and head to the gate.

Only, when you see your flight up on the board, it's delayed!

You can't prevent mechanical or weather delays, but there are certain things you can do to prevent other delays.

One example?

Non-stop flights.

The more stops a flight has, the more opportunities for delay, so try to book non-stop.

Since delays tend to ripple through the system throughout the day, the earlier you fly the better.

Try to book an originator flight.

That's a flight that originates from the city you're leaving from.

Those are often less likely to be delayed.

How do you find out?

Well, you just call the airline and you ask them.

Next, fly midweek.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are lighter travel days for the airlines, which translates into fewer delays.

And avoid the home of delays: major hubs.

Flying secondary airports might not only save you time, it could save you money too.

Check them out.

And here's one last tip.

Don't be the instrument of your own delay.

Obey carry-on restrictions and wear clothes and shoes that lend themselves to security lines.

We've also got a website or two that can help you avoid delays.

They're waiting for you at