Money Talks: Beware of Tires

Whether it's new or used, before buying a car, you sure want to know whether it needs regular or premium gas.

Cars that need premium are going to cost more to run.

Something you're less likely to check, however, is your tires.

They also come in regular or premium - only it's not called premium, it's called high-performance.

And it makes a difference, because high performance tires cost a lot more money.

Speed rated performance tires are made differently, and they're designed to match the suspension and handling ability of a car.

Compared to standard passenger car tires, speed-rated tires can really deflate a budget.

You'll find the most expensive performance tires where you might expect, on performance cars.

But you might also find them where you don't expect...

How do you know if you've got a performance tire?

Well you can look at them.

If they've got a "V" or a "Z" on them, then you're in performance land.

But the best thing to do? Just look at the owner's manual to see what it requires.

So be prepared for the tires you'll need and definitely make sure you shop around for the best deal.

Want more info to save on tires? No problem: just go to and do a search for "tires."

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