Money Talks: Can't Pay 2010 Taxes?

When it comes to income taxes, most people are rewarded for filing, because most get money back.

But there are people who are afraid to file, because they owe and can't pay.

If that's you, listen up.

File anyway.

Because if you file without paying, your penalty is half a percent a month.

But if you don't file at all, it's 5% per month: 10 times more.

So if you owe a thousand dollars, file, but don't pay, you'll owe Uncle Sam $5 a month until you send in what you owe.

But if you don't file, the penalty is $50 a month.

So always file.

And if you can't pay, consider other options: the best, an interest free loan from boss, family or friends.

Next would be a signature loan maybe from a credit union.

You can pay by credit card, but it will cost you: the fee is around two and a half percent up front, plus whatever interest your bank charges.

And one last option: work out a deal with Uncle Sam.

The IRS may be nicer than you think.