Money Talks: Can't Stop Gambling

Playing poker with friends... investing in the stock market... pushing luck at a casino. There are many ways to gamble, and some people just can't get enough.

Nothing wrong with a little wager. But like many things in life, everything's fun until someone gets hurt. But how do you know you've crossed the line from harmless fun to gambling addiction?

Anytime you lose more money than you can afford, anytime gambling is more than just entertainment, and you're willing to pay for that particular amount of entertainment, then it's gotten out of hand," said Dr. Gene Cash.

Here are tips to help a gambler quit. First, Get support from family and friends. Gamblers rarely quit on their own.

Second, Control the environment. No money and no credit means no opportunity to gamble.

Third, Find a new "high." Take up a sport, hobby or something else to generate positive feelings, instead of gambling.

And finally, Seek professional help.

Bottom line? Whether it's the stock market, the lottery or a friendly game of cards, there's nothing wrong with gambling. But make sure you separate the money you have for fun with the money you need to live. And if you ever have problem, take care of it. Need some help? I can show you where to find it. Just go to and do a search for "Gambling."

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