Money Talks: Cheap or Free Flu Shots

Unless you've been in a cave, you've probably heard the news: 47 states are now reporting regional or widespread flu outbreaks.

But what you don't hear at least often enough is how to get a flu shot cheap or even free.

Got insurance? Odds are good your flu shot is free. Thanks to ObamaCare, many health insurance providers now have to provide free preventative care - and that includes vaccines like flu shots - with no deductible. Check with your company to see if your plan qualifies.

On Medicare? If you've got Part B, you're also able to get a free shot.

Pharmacies are another a possibility: some will even allow you to call ahead and make an appointment. You know they're all over the place, but here's the deal... so are their prices.

When I researched this story, CVS and Walgreens were both charging just under 32 dollars. Rite-Aid was just under 30 bucks and Publix supermarkets, around $31. But Costco was charging only 17.

If you're uninsured or the only price you can afford is free, here's a number for you: 211. Call it, and this free community based referral service might be able to hook you up to local clinic offering free shots. Or, simply call your city or county health department.

And last but not least, call one of the nation's 8,500 federally qualified health centers - they provide all kinds of health care based on your ability to pay.

Wherever you decide to get your flu shot, call ahead: sometimes it's in short supply. Want more information and links to find the cheapest vaccine? Just go to and do a search for Flu.

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