Money Talks: Don TMt Let Money Ruin Your Marriage

Money... it's one of the biggest factors contributing to America's nearly 50 percent divorce rate.

A marriage is a merger of lives and of bank accounts. When you say "I do," you're really "we will," as in we will be sharing money. Do you want to keep fights over money from destroying your marriage? Here are some simple tips.

First - Communication. Before you tie the knot and till death do you part.

Next: Decide how to Divide the dough. Joint account? To each his own? Either one will work, but work it out.

And finally, honesty. Don't ever hide spending or debt.

Remember, it's natural to fight over money. Everyone does sooner or later. But if it becomes a problem, do something about it. Having a little counseling can help.

Bottom line... Take it from someone who's been down the aisle more than once. When it comes to money, talk about it early, talk about it often, and that way you'll live happily ever after. Want more info on money and marriage? You'll find it right here at and do a search for "Marriage."

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