Money Talks: Dumb Money Moves Everyone Makes

Everybody does dumb things. After all, we're only human.

But when it comes to money, it's really a good idea to keep dumb moves to a minimum. Here are five money mistakes I've made before - maybe you have too.

Dumb idea number one: Paying 20% on a credit card while you TMre earning .2 on your savings. Better idea: If your job is secure and you don't need the cash, use low-interest savings to pay off high interest debt.

Dumb idea number two: Buying stuff new when used would do. Like paying 20 grand for a new car when you could have gotten a used one for 10. Save that money! Invest 10 grand for 10 years at 10 percent, and it will grow to $25,000.

Dumb move number 3? Not participating in your company's 401k or other retirement plan, especially when they offer matching money. Rule of thumb: Free money is your friend - so are tax deductions.

Another dumb move? Borrowing to buy things that go down in value. Borrowing for a house is one thing - it might go up in value. But borrowing for clothes, cars or anything that goes down in value? Not the path to riches.

And a final dumb idea: paying full price for rarely used stuff like lawnmowers and ladders.

Better idea? Form a buying coup with your neighbors, so you can cut both the cost and the clutter of stuff like this.

And here's one more dumb thing people do: they get ideas like these that free up cash, then fritter money away instead paying down debt or beefing up savings. Want more ideas? They're waiting for you online at .

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