Money Talks: Health Insurance for College Grads

Graduating from college has traditionally meant finding a job...and getting dropped from your parent's health insurance policy.

While finding a job is still tough, at least health insurance might be easier to come by, because new rules make it easier to stay covered under a parental policy.

One of the primary provisions of Health care reform was to allow young adults under 26 to remain covered under their parent's policies, even if they're no longer in school or even living at home.

Here are dates to watch for: If you're already covered as a dependent, the new rules allowing you to stay covered take effect on Sept. 23rd of this year.

If you've already aged out of your parent's policy, you can re-apply for coverage under the new rules, but not until the first of next year.

Both of these dates apply only to plans that already offer dependent coverage, and only for those young adults that don't have access to another employer-sponsored health plan.

And if you're a recent grad, keep in mind that some employers and at least 65 insurance companies are offering coverage ahead of the deadlines. So it pays to check.

Bottom line? If you're under 26, you might be covered under your parents policy right now, and if not, soon. I'm Stacy Johnson.