Money Talks: Home Swapping

We TMve been to Great Britain, we TMve been to France, we TMve been to Spain, " said a traveling couple.

What makes this couple unique isn TMt that they TMre well traveled.

It TMs that despite living abroad for months at a time, they TMve never paid a dime for a hotel.

That TMs because they TMre into house-swapping.

They simply exchange their Florida home for one in the location they want to visit.

Sometimes for days, sometimes for months.

Basically the process is like Internet dating.

You put pictures of your house in special magazines or online, you say where you TMre interested in going, then sit back and see who wants to swap.

And as far as having strangers staying in your house?

This couple has done it 20 times and never had a problem.

They simply do what Internet daters do.

They get enough information to feel comfortable before they agree.

Their advice on the whole experience?

We would strongly recommend it to a family or a young couple that finds financial difficulty in any kind of expensive travel," said the couple.

Obviously, people who live in resort areas or big cities have the best luck with house swapping.

But people like to go a lot of different places for a lot of different reasons.

So no matter where you live, check it out.