Money Talks: How to Buy a Digital Camera

You want your pictures to be perfect.

And nobody knows that more than 40-year veteran photographer, Barry Schein.

It starts, of course with the right camera.

"Carefully look at each camera. Spend some time. Don't be intimidated by the salesmen. Just look at the camera and see what camera is going to do what you want to do," said Barry Schein.

You've got to think about camera size, features, price, and then there are megapixels...

"They used to be important but they're not important any longer. Most cameras are of enough megapixels that they take astonishingly good pictures," says Schein.

But if not megapixels, what do you focus on?

First, think about how you'll use the camera: are you shooting people or landscapes?

Does size matter?

Next... decide on simple auto-focus or the more flexible, and expensive, Single Lens Reflex.

Then, research.

Read online reviews, but take them for a test drive at a big box store or camera shop.

And finally, shop around, but consider buying locally.

Schein says, "Though they may be a little more expensive, you're going to get a lot better service and you're going to learn to take a lot better pictures."

And when you're buying that camera, don't forget the extras. You might want a case, could want a tripod. You're definitely going to need some memory cards.

Bottom line? Buying the wrong camera is no pretty picture. Spend some time up front; capture better memories for years to come.

For more information, go to and do a search for "Camera."

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