Money Talks: How to Get a Job in Retirement

Looking for work is a job in itself, especially with so much competition. But if you think it's harder to find work when you're older, think again. Retirement-aged workers have advantages.

"They can take a part-time, or temporary, or project-based job which doesn't pay benefits, and actually have a leg up on younger workers who often just can't take those kinds of jobs because they must have benefits for themselves and their families."

78-year-old Art Koff founded a website that helps retirees with healthcare info, financial information, discounts, job advice and job listings.

Retirees have a lot to offer, but if you're one, it's your job to make sure a prospective employer can see the upside of hiring you. Here are some tips to help you find a job in retirement...

First, update your resume and post it on job boards. Next... keep up with technology. Stay current with equipment and lingo by taking classes at a library or employment office. And if you can't find work, volunteer to keep your skills sharp and build your resume. And finally... network... in person, and online with professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Reaching out to Facebook friends can't hurt either.

Bottom line... If you want a job in your golden years, then you need to stay flexible, stay up to date on your skills and network like mad. Want more tips on getting a job in retirement?

They're waiting for you right here at Just do a search for "Retiree Jobs."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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