Money Talks: How to Look Good in a Video Interview

If you're one of the millions of unemployed Americans, you might find some interesting changes as you start your job hunt.

Example? According to one recent survey, more than 60 percent of companies with 20 or more employees now conduct interviews on video either somewhat often or very often - you know just last year, that number was only 14 percent.

So it could really pay to be ready for that close-up. Here's how.

Obviously, the first issue is making sure you have a web-cam. The one you're watching me on now is HD, only cost about 40 bucks, and is a lot higher quality than the one on my laptop.

Your picture will only be as good as your internet connection. If your upload speed is bad, think about going somewhere with a faster connection.

Anyone in the video biz will tell you: lighting is super-important. Hey, so is background. See those Emmys? They're not there by accident.

Find a friend you can video-chat with and experiment with lighting, background, distance to the camera - even clothes. The more you practice, the better you'll get.

Remember, there are only two things that make a person great on-camera. One, being yourself - something that comes with practice. And two, having that self be interesting - hopefully something you've already accomplished.

Want more tips on preparing for a video interview? Go to and do a search for "video interview."

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