Money Talks: How to Save on Holiday Travel

Planes won't be the only thing taking off this holiday season - fares will going up too.

Some analysts predict fares will rise 5 to 7 percent this year, thanks to fewer available seats.

How do you fight back against higher fares? By packing some workarounds. One of my favorites: frequent flier miles.

The best kind way to earn them is with a card that lets you use them on a bunch of airlines, rather than just one: that will increase your odds of finding a seat.

Another way to save on holiday plane tickets? Don't buy one.

If you're not traveling too far, check out the new breed of luxury bus.

"They can save 40% with fuel and tolls. Airline travel, 45% off their super saver rate, and 82% off of a last minute rate."

But if air's your only option, here's how you're going to get the best prices:

Book early: like now. Flying on Thanksgiving or Christmas day will be cheapest.

Check alternative airports, like Newark for New York or Midway for Chicago. And while travel agents charge a fee, they may pay for themselves in stress and money savings.

Bottom line? The holidays are the most stressful and expensive time to travel. Use every trick in the book to ground the expense.

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For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.