Money Talks: How to take better pictures

Take a look around you| there are great photos waiting to happen everywhere.

So many people carry a camera with them every day| in their phone. So how can you snap a super shot with that cell phone? We asked a pro|

"Let's say you're shooting a picture of a couple. Mom and dad, aunt and uncle, grandma and grandpa, whatever it is. Let them stand next to each other. Put their heads together. The minute their heads touch, they will break out into the biggest smile you've ever seen. It works 100 percent of the time. They will say, that's the best picture anyone's ever shot of me," said Barry Schein, of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.

More of Barry TMs tips... Fill the frame, unless the background is really important. Check background. You don't want tree limbs growing out of people's head. Avoid bright front light. Shoot indoors away from walls. And use highest resolution you can.

Don TMt worry if your shot isn TMt perfect| Snap several and try programs such as Photoshop or Instagram to get the look you want later.

Bottom line? Anyone can use their cell phone camera to capture picture perfect shots. We TMve got more tips Just search for camera.

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